Moe's Ornaments started in 2004 by accident!
While attending a gift show I came upon a really cute snowman ornament. It was a magnet as well as an ornament and in its belly were the words TO and FROM.
Great price, a new product for me, and a challenge!
I Love A Challenge.
It took me a few days after I received the product to decide what to do with that TO/FROM space. I went to the store and bought some paint markers and permanent markers. Of course, I had a disaster on my hands. The paint pens were leaking and all the markers were too thick. I finally found something that would work, YEAH!
I brought them to work and was sold out of 144 pieces on the first day!
I was very excited, re-ordered, and took more orders. One of my co-workers asked me if I had any other designs. She asked about a baby's first Christmas. I didn't have any but I knew I had to find one. I started to do some research and I discovered there were 100's of designs! I made an inquiry with a company that was local and they invited me to their showroom and that's when Moe's Ornaments was born. In 2005 I made it official and started my business.
In the beginning, I sold to family, friends, and co-workers.  I then branched out to local shows and holiday craft fairs. My customer base was growing and so was the variety of products. I worked by myself for about 2 years. The business was growing so I hired a friend to help with the personalizing. To date, it's just the two of us and some assistants at the busier shows. Of course, the internet was booming and I wasn't using it. Finally, in 2014, I decided to give it a try. With no computer skills at all, the help of family (my children) of course, and the GoDaddy product I was up and running. Since I don't have a large advertising budget the store is mainly used for fundraising. The fundraising program is growing and my local customers are starting to shop also.
The main goal has always been to bring a quality product with outstanding personalization and unsurpassed customer service. So far, So good. We are continuing to grow and add new products each year. 
Inquire about the fundraising program, I promise it will be the easiest one you will ever do. And you'll raise money for your organization with a company dedicated to your success!


Maureen Byrd


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